A tailored platform for language teachers
for class and student management,
lesson scheduling and planning.

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Teachers love running their teaching businesses with Language Teacher’s Hub.

Designed by exceptional language teachers, using simple and logical tools, the platform introduces a whole new administration experience to a language teacher.

It covers complete online class administration, reinvents lesson planning and (re)scheduling, simplifies student management and much more. Designed to be used during lessons; vastly reduces paperwork.



Create and manage individual or group classes. Intuitively schedule lessons or assign students. Add rates, syllabus, objectives.


Schedule your lessons in a beautiful calendar. Drag-and-drop to reschedule. Manage lesson notes. Create lesson plans. Add, edit, share and teach.


Perform your student management tasks, monitor their progress and attendance. Communicate effectively.


Keep track of all student payments, send invoices. Get paid via PayPal or credit card. Never lose a dime again.
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Hack your language teaching, use awesome class management tools, forms, resources and tips.
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How it Works?


Smarter Class

Quickly enter or edit all relevant class details. Set up individual
or group classes, assign students into appropriate classes, add rates. Filter
lessons within a class, review all its attachments. Need to get more academical? Enter class syllabus, objectives, methodology and follow-up on those easily. Archive your finished classes for later reference. Simple and intuitive.


Lesson Planning

Your default place. View your lessons in a beautiful
multi-coloured weekly calendar. Add, copy or edit lessons
super quickly. Drag-and-drop to reschedule in a second. Access
your lesson plan, attendance or homework records from here. Attach
homework documents, PDFs or other assignments to a lesson. Plan your lesson in advance and then use it directly from the app when teaching.
Practical and time-saving.


Easier Student

Easily create and manage detailed profiles of your students.
Assign students into classes, monitor attendance. Add their rates,
language background, use Reminders not to forget anything. Even message them directly to the communication. Your Overview Dashboard will know it all. Place your students in Active, Potential or Former folders. Smart and practical.